Bellamy Lane Bedroom

Bellamy Lane is our best-selling collection and includes dining, home office, entertainment, and occasional. This beautiful transitional set showcases elm veneers and has two bed options. Metal work in the bed, mirror, and nightstand and large bar style pulls give this group just the right amount of character. Consider the door chest with built in shelves behind the door, ideal for sweater and other bulky items.

Product Specs

1921 Collection

* Colors may vary slightly from photos because of photography and printing tolerances. Finishes may use a distressed style as part of their design and to enhance the natural beauty of the product and is not a defect. 

** Certain components may be engineered wood to increase ease of use, safety, and value. 

Product CodesDescriptionWidthHeightDepth
1921-105Queen Sleigh Bed665484 1/4
1921-110King Sleigh Bed78 1/45484 1/4
1921-106Queen Sleigh Bed w/ Bench66
1921-111King Sleigh Bed w/ Bench78 1/4
1921-107Queen Panel Bed w/ Bench666896 1/2
1921-112King Panel Bed w/ Bench6896 1/2
1921-108Queen Panel Bed66
1921-113King Panel Bed
1921-1203 Drawer Nightstand282817
1921-1309 Drawer Dresser6244 1/418
1921-140Mirror47 3/4393
1921-1506 Drawer Chest4054 1/418
1921-152Mans Chest4360 1/218

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