Bringing together the best of industrial and country farmhouse elements is the well named Danville collection. Heavy metalwork takes center stage on the Danville collection, but we don’t overlook the oversized chair seats, optional counter height or standard height tables, lovely 2-piece server, or convenient storage drawers on the dining table.

Product Specs

301 Collection

* Colors may vary slightly from photos because of photography and printing tolerances. Finishes may use a distressed style as part of their design and to enhance the natural beauty of the product and is not a defect. 

** Certain components may be engineered wood to increase ease of use, safety, and value. 

Product CodesDescriptionWidthHeightDepth
315-501Dining Table7830 1/442
315-510Upholstered Seat Dining Chair20 1/237 5/824 3/8
315-511Library Dining Chair20 1/239 3/823 7/8
315-530Counter Table71 7/836 1/236
315-540Upholstered Seat Counter Chair20 1/241 5/1623 1/8
315-541Library Counter Chair20 1/440 1/222
315-5242 Door / 2 Drawer Buffet5636 1/418
315-525Accent Hutch54 1/410 1/413 1/4

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