Fairborne Bedroom

With just the right amount of metal accents and chalkboard color, the Fairborne bedroom is dressed for success. The sophisticated simplicity of this group is its appeal. The Fairborne sports deep drawers to accommodate all your storage needs and a USB power equipped nightstand.

Product Specs

1910 Collection
Dark Gray

* Colors may vary slightly from photos because of photography and printing tolerances. Finishes may use a distressed style as part of their design and to enhance the natural beauty of the product and is not a defect. 

** Certain components may be engineered wood to increase ease of use, safety, and value. 

Product CodesDescriptionWidthHeightDepth
1910-105Queen Bed6354 1/485
1910-110King Bed
1910-1202 Drawer Nightstand2425 3/416
1910-1306 Drawer Dresser5835 3/817 1/8
1910-140Mirror37 3/437 5/81 1/4
1910-1505 Drawer Chest34 1/451 17 1/8

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