Crestwood Bedroom

Looking for a bedroom that is big on style but smaller in scale? The Crestwood bedroom offers a rich, natural dark brown finish and oversized drawer pulls at a size that will accommodate almost any room.

Product Specs

1465 Collection

* Colors may vary slightly from photos because of photography and printing tolerances. Finishes may use a distressed style as part of their design and to enhance the natural beauty of the product and is not a defect. 

** Certain components may be engineered wood to increase ease of use, safety, and value. 

Product CodesDescriptionWidthHeightDepth
1465-105Queen Bed635285 3/4
1465-110King Bed795286
1465-120Nightstand2423 1/816
1465-130Dresser583516 7/8
1465-140Mirror4439 1/81
1465-150Chest3448 7/817

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