Edison Bedroom

Forgive the pun, we couldn’t help ourselves. The Edison bedroom boasts a lot more than cool can lights. Great styling components include metal accents, large metal pulls, stacked drawer boxes, ball bearing guides, and USB power equipped nightstand and headboard (both sides). And one more thing you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere, Bluetooth speakers and a subwoofer built into the headboard! The Edison is what you might call the Cadillac of bedrooms.

Product Specs

1827 Collection

* Colors may vary slightly from photos because of photography and printing tolerances. Finishes may use a distressed style as part of their design and to enhance the natural beauty of the product and is not a defect. 

** Certain components may be engineered wood to increase ease of use, safety, and value. 

Product CodesDescriptionWidthHeightDepth
1827-105Queen Bed646891
1827-110King Bed
1827-1202 Drawer Nightstand2827 3/417
1827-1306 Drawer Dresser683819
1827-140Mirror4640 1/81 1/8
1827-1505 Drawer Chest385418

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